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  A successful business has many aspects to it, sales, marketing, financial
management, people skills and another important element people
overlook: design. A great design influences what we look at, what we
buy and how we feel. Consider the following:

If you don’t have a strong identity for your business who will people know
who you are?

If you don’t have a design and image you are comfortable
with, how can you sell your business to others?

If your promotional material isn’t strong and demanding attention, no one
will know what product or service you provide.

Overall, successful design is the key for every successful business no
matter what size.

i2 Graphics can make your design ideas reality. We have over a decade
of experience and the ability to produce material, apply it to websites,
printing, point of sale material and marketing correspondence - all under
the same roof which is the key to producing a quality product.

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  i2 Graphics offers you web design that stands out and will continue to deliver
the style and message you want your company to display. We believe your website
is your door to thousands if not millions of potential customers locally and worldwide. Having exposure to many people can only lead to an increase of business, so the
quality of your site design is of paramount importance.

Why a website?

In this day and age of modern technology and information at your fingertips, it is still surprising how many new businesses question whether they really
need a website. Many people wrongly presume that unless they are selling a product, there will be no need for them to own a website. Others want websites, but still believe
that the cost is excessive. The question is always 'What will a website do for my company?At the very least, it will increase your chances of being discovered. Only
around 20% of people these days refer to a paper directory if they are looking for a
product or service, all others utilize search engines and the Internet to find what they
are after - and commonly they will choose the first company that appears in their
search results.

Many people appreciate the worth of advertising, be it a small classified advertisement
or a full page ‘magazine ad', but many do not realize that a website in its simplest form
is a 24 hour, 7 day a week national and international advertisement that is always there and never expires. This makes your website the most cost efficient way of advertising
your product or service to the world.

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  i2 Graphics provides an in-house printing solution for all your business
needs. We at i2 graphics pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce
and our ability to meet deadlines. We supply the tools and image required
to start, maintain or expand your business. We are able to monitor the
quality of your project as it transforms from digital art to printed material.
We can keep an eye on colour, registration and the overall quality of the
job while never leaving the building.

All our equipment and design computers are calibrated to give you, the
client, the quality you expect from i2 Graphics. We can also work with your
design or artwork people to receive files in all formats and produce printing
to your specifications. We produce one colour to full colour products,
laminated, varnished, folded, bound, etc.

We also have the capacity to produce short run to long run jobs. For example
do you need two booklets for a presentation? We can print it. Do you need
20,000 booklets for new a product release? We can print it. No quantity is
too small or too large on any printed material.

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  i2 Graphics offers sophisticated data processing services, digital and laser
personalisation technology, fully automated or hand enclosing services and full
mailout and postage solutions. From a simple bulk mail piece through to a highly
targeted and personalised direct mail campaign we have the knowledge and
expertise to help make your campaign a success.

We help our customers achieve their marketing objectives. We understand that
data is the key to the success of all mailout and direct mail campaigns. Having an
accurate, clean and well profiled database is fundamental to being able to segment
and target your prospects and delivering the required return-on-investment from
your mailing activity.

We can help ensure data is managed correctly, create prospect pools, perform analysis,
cleanse and profile your data. Our range of data processing services are designed to
complement and integrate with the full range of mailing house solutions that we
provide to our customers, including direct mail management and personalisation.
We have been able to save our clients time and money whilst frequently improving document presentation.

Personalisation Solutions

With our client-focused approach to customer service even the most complicated
mailout can be managed to deliver a high quality, high speed and value-for-money direct mail solution.

Our capabilities include:

> Fully Automated Envelope Enclosing (DL-C4).
> Multiple On-line Insert Stations.
> On/Off-line Inkjetting Personalisation.
> Collation, Folding and Guillotining.
> Data Processing.
> Laser Printing, Simplex & Duplex.
> Data Base Management